baking programs

Easy to use.

baking trays

Outside small, inside big.

kg weight

Easily fits on the shelf.

Whether in the fast food outlet, kiosk, mini-market, gas station or convenience store – you simply generate more sales with delicious croissants, bread rolls and other snacks. MIWE’s BakeBox makes it possible: top design, simple operation and reliable professional baking results. And all without needing a water connection or high-voltage current. Requiring a minimum of space and offering the proven MIWE Service, of course.

Simply more sales

Probably the best ratio of floor space to sales in the industry.

Simply fitting

Fits easily on most shelves. No remodeling, no dirt.

Simply easy to handle

Foolproof operation – for convincing baking results.

Simply effective

Heats up quickly. Not just the oven, but also your sales.

Simply flexible.

The water tank frees you from the need for a water connection.

Simply powered: 230 V

Can be used almost everywhere.

  • Technical Data

  • Description Digital shop baking oven with steam option
  • Use fast food outlet, kiosk, mini-market, gas station, convenience store
  • Capacity 3 baking trays
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 784 mm x 668 mm x 504 mm
  • Baking surface 0.72 sqm
  • Sheet size 600 x 400 mm
  • Weight 44 kg
  • Power supply 3,7 kW (16 A)
  • Voltage 220/230 Volt (Special voltage upon request)
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Temperature 70-270 °C
  • Other stapelbar
  • Accessories underframe (780 mm x 670 mm x 930 mm), water tank

Small outside, big on the inside! Our BakeBox

Perfect for small spaces – the BakeBox combines top design, simple operation and professional baking results without the need for a high voltage current or a fixed water connection. Prepare delicious rolls, croissants and other snacks in a small area with ease. Simple, efficient and flexible, the BakeBox simplifies your baking process and increases your turnover in no time at all.

Ask us for more information now and take your baking experience to a whole new level!